Thursday, 6 December 2007

while the cat's away

My husband is out. And I'm alone (not counting a sleeping baby bean) with lots of knitting, my stash and my knitting books. I've been having a lovely time.

on top of all that tonight we had our newly recovered sofa delivered. it's covered in a lovely pale green linen. probably not the best choice with a nearly walking and sticky of finger small boy in the house, but hey: why cant you be stylish and have children? people seem to manage it in the ikea catalogue.


anyway, progress on the knitting front has been made. The second felix sweater went in the post to a small person who was one last week. The purl scarf for my brother's girlfriend is finished (just) and I also finished my husband's scrap hat. The lining worked out well in the end - after a bit of jiggery pokery. In fact it's so snug and warm that i'm tempted to 'borrow' it, if you know what i mean...

Monday, 3 December 2007


Oh dear. For months and months I've been a good girl and have been dutifully using up my stash.

But last week I fell off the wagon and gave into yarn temptation. Twice.

The first time was in a charity shop that I pass by each week. I couldnt resist a few balls of some unknown (man-made) yarn in pale blue and pale green. Just right for knitting something small for a (small) boy I know who is nearly one. It was only 50p a ball, which is almost free. And I got some dpns for 50p a set, a Rowan pattern book, and a few other vintage paper patterns for my collection.

The second time was yesterday. I bought some sock yarn. Well if I want to knit some socks, I need some sock yarn.... and I havent got any in my stash. Well I have, but only enough to knit a heel, a toe or some socks for a small boy. I decided to take advantage of the hipknits december sale to order some of their yummy sock yarn. I havent knitted any socks for years - the last time was when I was doing my PhD and I shared a flat with a maniacal sock knitter (surface scientist). The pairs I made at that time were not a great success - one pair shrank and felted in the wash, and I did not pay enough attention to the other pair, so much so that one was several inches longer than the other one and I never managed to correct the mistake...

I've put a request in for a book about sock knitting for christmas. Hope I'm lucky.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

hats off #2

we went out at the weekend. it was cold. it was windy. my husband wore his new scrap hat, which I finished last week.

the other evening he complained. he said his new hat wasnt very wind proof .

and your point is?

so. I'm knitting a lining. something snug and cosy (and rather an alarming blue colour, so just right for a lining). As the hat is knit in the round, I just picked up stitches about 5cm inside the roll brim and have been making a siamese twin for this hat. It wont be wind proof either, but I'm hoping that he'll appreciate the love even more now.

Friday, 23 November 2007

hats off

First things first. I must not blog at work. I must only blog at home (I am currently at home. Which is Good). That goes for knitting too.


Today I took knitting to work, to knit over lunch. Well, when you've got to knit a first birthday gift in less than a week, then needs must. Of course, things on the first birthday side of things would have gone a whole lot quicker had I not diverted myself by knitting my husband a hat last weekend. I made one for this brother (christmas gift) and he said he wanted one too. He asked for a red one - but there were two problems with this. The first is that I do not have a stash of red yarn with which to construct such an item (and since I am on a yarn diet, then stash diving is all I'm permitted). The second problem is that red really isnt his colour. But I dont have the heart to tell him. He got a bluey, greeny number instead.

It matches the one I made for his brother, and one I made myself a couple of years ago. When I got into the office this morning, my colleague was admiring it and asking if I knitted it myself. 'Yes' said I. 'Wow, it's so lovely.. can you make me one too?'

Hmmm. Well yes, but I'm afraid there are more pressing things in my knitting diary at the moment, e.g. first birthday of friends child, christmas, first birthday of own child (how did that happen?) and all the babies from our ante-natal group, and the many UFOs .... Still, flattery will get you everywhere and I've got a bit of pash for knitting hats at the moment.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

how did that happen?

Gosh. it's a lifetime since I was last here. literally. a baby bean came along at the end of january and i've barely had time to blink let alone blog since then. he's worth it naturally, and i have managed to squeeze some knitting in here and there (mostly when he's asleep and I'm not at work).

But hey, good thing come to those who wait, and I can now get into my blog from work. Shhhhhh.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

In the beginning

A new year, a new blog.... I'm writing this as I contemplate two things: first, impending motherhood (i'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first child) and two: the need to rationalise my stash.

The problem is this: as fast as I knit my stash down, it grows again. When DH isnt looking, forlorn bundles of yarn seek me out, they call to me. I can - with considerable effort - walk out of my local yarn shop without buying anything. But, it's when I'm in a charity (thrift) shop that I have the greatest problems trying to resist. There's just something appealing about a few balls of grubby yarn rolling around a box in a dingy corner. I have to adopt them, offer them a new life, a new start and the chance to become useful, wanted, bundles of knitted happiness. Socks, hats, scarves, baby things (many, many baby things), lavender bags, poms poms - I've brought them all to life with my stash of vintage and unloved yarn.